Has your company evolved?

Evolved Data Solutions (EDS) is a company centered around helping streamline your office workflow to make your office as efficient as possible. Our office solution can be used in a variety of different industries. 

 We focused on making our product, Evolved Data Transfer (EDT), universal and simple. You don't have to change the way you have operated for years; just simply stop typing, and start dragging. We are the only available software that can read any type of file, extract the information from those files, and give you the ability to drag and drop that information across platforms into any fillable forms, raters, web pages, or any other fillable document. 

Let us help streamline your workflow!

- Decrease time spent doing data entry

- Stop typing VIN, Hull ID, and Serial Numbers

- Build an information sheet from multiple sources

- Move information into Excel spreadsheets and other fillable forms

- Drag text into fields that do not accept copy/paste

- Assist with Commercial Quoting

Evolved Data Transfer

Windows Download Application

$25 per machine per month

- Move information across platforms

- Move information accurately

- Increase production

- Decrease time spent correcting data errors

- Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Vista


"I won't do another commercial quote without the Evolved."

Carleen G.

"I love how simple the system is to use."

Michelle S.

"I can quote all my companies now that Evolved makes quoting so easy."

Alex G.